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This Portal is the secure website to exchange information between a Fire Victim or a Fire Victim’s law firm and the Administrators of the Fire Victim Trust. Only persons authorized by the Claims Administrator and the Claims Processor may use this Portal.

If you are a lawyer requesting access to the Portal and you are a member of a law firm that has not been granted access, click the Request Access button and follow the instructions to submit your access request for processing. If a member of your law firm has been granted access to the Portal, that person, as the Portal Administrator for your law firm, can add new users on the Firm Administration tab of the Portal in the Manage Firm Users section. Only law firms can use a law firm’s Portal. It is not available for claims preparation firms, accountants and other entities.

If you are a Pro Se Fire Victim (not represented by an attorney), you can click the Request Access button or contact the Claims Processor at for information regarding this compensation program. If you are represented by an attorney, your attorney will have access to the Portal, and you will need to communicate with your attorney about your claim. You will not have direct Portal access.

The first time you use your Portal, you are required to agree to the Fire Victim Trust Portal User Agreement. You must adhere to those terms. Unauthorized use of this system is prohibited. Violators may be subject to civil and criminal prosecution. All transactions are monitored by the Administrators.

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