Fire Victim Trust

Photo of The Honorable John K. Trotter (Ret.)

The Honorable John K. Trotter (Ret.)


In his role as Trustee, Justice Trotter will oversee and manage the Fire Victim Trust. Working with the rest of the leadership team, he will determine the amount of eligible fire victim claims, pay them, oversee the money and stock in the trust and make sure that all fire victims are treated equally.

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Photo of Cathy Yanni

Cathy Yanni

Claims Administrator

In her role as Claims Administrator, Ms. Yanni will assist Justice Trotter in resolving fire victim claims. She oversees the design and implementation of the claims resolution process, from establishing eligibility requirements and claims review procedures to ensuring that funds are distributed in a fair and equitable manner.

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Photo of The Honorable Ellen Sickles James (Ret.)

The Honorable Ellen Sickles James (Ret.)

Special Master for Minor Compromises

In her role as Special Master for Minor Compromises, Judge James reviews and approves any minors’ compromises in conjunction with the evaluation, disallowance, resolution, settlement, and approval of all Fire Victim Claims. She also oversees the implementation and enforcement of any measures approved by the Court for the protection of minors or adult persons with disabilities on whose behalf a Fire Victim Claim has been submitted.

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Photo of Viggo Boserup

Viggo Boserup

Appeals Coordinator

In his role as Appeals Coordinator, Mr. Boserup reviews and evaluates all appeals and determines whether an appeal from a Determination of the Claims Administrator should be heard by a Neutral from the General Panel or by a Neutral from the Complex Panel.

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Photo of BrownGreer


Claims Processor

In its role as Claims Processor, BrownGreer is responsible for executing the claims review process from initial claim submission through final resolution.

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Photo of Wolf/Garretson


Lien Resolution Coordinator

In its role as Lien Resolution Coordinator, Wolf/Garretson is responsible for identifying, negotiating and resolving liens associated with fire victim claims that require repayment prior to the release of settlement funds.

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