Fire Victim Trust

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Property Claims

96. What is a Personal Property Claim?

Personal Property Claims are claims for loss of or damages to property that is movable, such as household items (e.g., clothes, furniture, or tools) and automobiles, as a result of the Fires.

97. What types of documents can I provide to support my Personal Property Claim?

  • List of items destroyed or damaged in the residency;
  • Proofs of purchase;
  • Pre-Fire and post-Fire photos;
  • Appraisals; and
  • Other supporting documents within the Claimant’s possession.

98. Will the Trust require an inventory or similar documentary support to award a Personal Property Claim?

The Trust will not require an inventory to file a Personal Property Claim. However, an inventory will allow the Trust to evaluate these damages with more precision and may result in a higher award to the Claimant.

99. What if I do not have a detailed inventory of what was lost?

If you are unable to provide the value of all of your lost or damaged items, the Trust will calculate the loss using a statistical model.

100. What information or details should I include in my description or list of damaged or lost personal property?

To the best of your ability, describe in detail:


  • The type(s) of personal property that was damaged by the Fire;
  • The condition of the personal property before the loss/ damage occurred;
  • The physical damage to the personal property resulting from the Fire; and
  • The location of the personal property when the loss/damage occurred.

101. My personal property has unique pecuniary value (e.g., custom cars, antiques, gun collections, coin collections, etc.). What documentation do I need to support my claim and how will my claim be evaluated?

You can submit documentation evidencing the pecuniary value of your personal property such as appraisals or expert reports, which the Trust will consider when evaluating your claim.

102. Can I make a claim for loss of or harm to my pets and animals as a result of the Fire?

Yes, you can make a claim for the loss of or harm to pets and animals owned for personal use by including them in your Personal Property Claim. You may submit claims for livestock and animals used for agricultural and farming purposes as part of your Business Loss Claim.

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