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Insurance Claim Files

151. Why does the Trust need my insurance information?

The PG&E Fire Victim Trust Agreement obligates the Claims Administrator to obtain information about insurance claims made by Fire Victims. To satisfy this requirement, the Trust must connect each Claimant in the FVT with a corresponding insurance claim and determine what the Claimant's Available Insurance Recoveries are.

152. What are Available Insurance Recoveries?

Pursuant to Section 2.6(a) of the PG&E Fire Victim Trust Agreement, the amount of a Covered Fire Victim Claim "shall be reduced on a dollar-for-dollar basis by all insurance recoveries available to the Fire Victim on account of such damages or losses, whether or not the Fire Victim actually made a claim against a policy of insurance for such damages or losses." Section 2.6(b)(ii) states that in determining the amount of "Available Insurance Recoveries" for the Fire Victim, the Trustee shall consider "the available policy limits of any available policy of insurance that can reasonably be construed to provide insurance coverage for each applicable category of damages that the holder of the Covered Fire Victim Claim seeks to recover from the Trust."

153. How does the Trust determine the Available Insurance Recoveries?

Determining the Available Insurance Recoveries for a typical residential total loss claim involves ascertaining limits for: (1) the dwelling, (2) enhanced dwelling replacement cost, (3) landscaping, (4) debris removal for the dwelling, (5) code upgrades, (6) other structures, (7) enhanced dwelling replacement cost, (8) contents, (9) debris removal for contents, (10) scheduled contents, and (11) additional living expenses and in some instances rental loss. The value of these insurance limits will offset a claim determination.

154. Am I required to complete the insurance coverage and payment information in the Other Insurance Information table of the Additional Information section of the Claims Questionnaire to help the Trust determine my Available Insurance Recoveries?

While the Other Insurance Information is not required to complete and submit a Claims Questionnaire, the Claims Administrator strongly encourages all Claimants to provide this information to ensure the most efficient and accurate evaluation of their claims. The Claims Administrator may receive some of this information directly from insurance carriers; however, it is unknown at this time whether that information will be complete. Thus, your assistance in providing insurance coverage information will help us to validate any information we receive from insurance carriers and expedite our review process.


If you do not have your insurance information readily available while submitting your claim, you can still submit your Claims Questionnaire without providing it.

155. What is the Stipulated Confidentiality and Protective Order and Agreement on the Production of Certain Insurance Information? Where can I get a copy?

The Bankruptcy Court approved a process for using insurance information for administering Fire Victim Claims. A complete description of the insurance Claims Files process is included in the Stipulated Confidentiality and Protective Order and Agreement on the Production of Certain Insurance Information [Docket No. 6597]. The Court entered an Order approving this stipulation on April 3, 2020 [Docket No. 6622]. Click here for a copy of the stipulation.

156. What are Insurance Claim Files?

The Claims Administrator has received or will receive insurance Claim Files from your insurance carrier. These contain insurance coverage, claims, and payment information related to Fire Victim Claims arising from the 2015 Butte Fire, 2017 North Bay Fires, and 2018 Camp Fire, as required in Section 2.6 of the PG&E Fire Victim Trust Agreement. The Claims Administrator will consider these documents when reviewing your claim.

157. How do I access my insurance Claim File?

After receiving an insurance Claim File, the Claims Administrator will make it available on your Portal. After logging into your Portal, click the Insurance Claim Files option on the left navigation menu to access your Claim File. From this screen, you can review the document and take any action, as described in the Stipulated Confidentiality and Protective Order and Agreement on the Production of Certain Insurance Information (available here).

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